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"Saving the old for future generations"
Welcome to Reclaimed By Neusse
RECLAIMED BY NEUSSE is a Reclaimed Building-Material Sourcing Company. 

We buy and sell Salvaged, Reclaimed Wood and other Building Materials. Old Antique Barn-Wood, Structural Lumber, Logs, Beams, Post and more... Red Oak, White Oak, Beech, Poplar, Ash, Maple, Cedar, Chestnut, Walnut, Cherry and other types. 

RECLAIMED BY NEUSSE sells wood loads in all sizes. We mainly move container- and tractor trailer loads of wood, but will also sell smaller loads retail on appointment. Most of our clientele consists of Builders, Interior Decorators, Lumber Brokers, Architects and Set-Workers on movies, commercials and music videos. 

RECLAIMED BY NEUSSE also source Reclaimed Flooring, Door Frames, Trims etc.
People love doing business with us, because we are personal, get involved with your project and honor your ideas or help you develop ideas if needed. 

RECLAIMED BY NEUSSE has professional crews that do deconstruction/ dismantling/ demolition, if you have a building or a warehouse you need tore down or if your old barn has become an eyesore or an inconvenience on your property. We leave your site clean and all debris can be removed or burned on site. It is also possible to have excavation done if needed. The deconstruction is usually little of cost or even free, in return for the materials.

RECLAIMED BY NEUSSE is growing rapidly, we now trade lumber all over the US and also have costumers overseas.

Let RECLAIMED BY NEUSSE put our experience to work for you.

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"Saving the old for future generations"