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About Reclaimed By Neusse

RECLAIMED BY NEUSSis a "husband- and wife-operated" company. 

We started in August 2011 tearing down old barns, pig-pens, chicken-coups and distressed buildings, for resale and reuse of the lumber, beams, posts, timber, barn-wood boards, tin, old handmade brick  and other building-materials. 

We soon experienced a great demand and went for larger projects. Now we dismantle 100.000 sq.ft + Old Tobacco Warehouses, Cotton Mills, Factories etc. We trade materials all over the US and export overseas in example to Asia and Europe.

We are sourcing any kind of Reclaimed Lumber, Handmade brick, Century Old Hand-cut Limestone Blocks, Reclaimed Floors, Wall Boards, Doors, Trims, Log Cabins and more... No project is too small or to big for us.

Are you a Builder, an Architect or an Interior Decorator.. a lumber broker needing a big load of wood or a young college student who wants a barn door as a head board, your project is important to us.

"Tasteful doesn't have to be wasteful"

Salvage, Reclaim, Recycle, Up-Cycle and Re-Purpose building-materials is what we do.
Our goal is to Re-Use at least 85% of the structures we dismantle.

What others "push into a burn-pile", we try to give new life.

Our services come with a serious commitment, a personal touch and a great sense of humor. 

People love doing business with us because we care and our price is fair.

Our retail price is close to wholesale price and 30%  and sometimes even 50% cheaper than elsewhere in the business
"Saving the old for future generations"