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Reclaimed By Neusse:
This is how it all started... Our first "Barn-demo job".
A small pig-pen in Rock Island.
Deconstruction on an 1800's  brick building in McMinville, TN. 
53 pallets w/ hand-made brick were carefully cleaned by hand. Some revealing cats paw-prints, pigs feet prints and a couple of bricks w/ hand-prints.
April 2011.
Dismantling a building on Main St. in McMinville. 
We managed to salvage about 85% of the materials.
"The Southern Standard" made an article about us dismantling a building on 205 E. Main St. in McMinville, the building had been condemned, and the city was ready to push materials into a pile, ending up at the land-fill. 
We managed to  re-purpose about 85% of the building materials.
The Dekalb Times did an article on us 
"Reclaiming barns a board at a time" 
It's talking about what a shame it is to just push these beautiful historical buildings into a burn-pile, when all the salvageable materials can be re-purposed and perhaps create new chapters in history.
Al Gore Seniors tobacco warehouse in Carthage,TN was built in the 1940's. 
When we purchased the old warehouse in 2011, it was beyound repair but full of beautiful salvageable wood.
Beech, Salvaged from an old Tobacco Warehouse. Absolutely gorgeous specie. Turns into beautiful flooring, butcherblock counter tops, farm tables, etc. Beech is a "blond" wood, sometimes with a hint of rose color. It stains really easy if a darker color is prefered for your projects.
Beautiful rustic dirty-face Pine Flooring out of our 1940's Tobacco Warehouse.
"Saving the old for future generations"