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Reclaimed By Neusse:
Reclaimed Wood
We have a wide selection of different  Reclaimed Lumber, Barn Wood and Logs as well as Rusty corrugate and 5V Tin, Old Barn Doors, Vintage Pane Doors and much, much more..... 
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Old Barn-Siding
The barn-siding/ boxing has a beautiful & weathered look from years and years of wind, rain and sun. 
Often used as focal-walls, floors, farm-tables etc. 
Beautiful boards, less than 1" thick, with small "character-defects" which makes them unique and absolutely stunning as wall pieces & Chair-rails 
Flooring Grade Lumber
1"+ thick boards, great for trim, walls and furniture as well.
Brown Board
Wood from flooring/lofts & interior walls. Makes stunningly beautiful flooring, accent walls & furnitures.

Structural Lumber
Quarter-sawn 2x6's, 8's, 10's & 12's. Originally the roofing-rafters & ceiling-joists in barns & buildings.
Often turned into flooring or furnitur
"Saving the old for future generations"

Hand Hewn Logs
Beautiful weathered Logs out of century old cabins and barns, great for mantles, decorative beams, Tables and other furmiture
6x6 and 8x8 Posts, salvaged from old barns and warehouses. Great for architectural purposes as well as decorative.
Beautiful air-dried live edge slabs. Makes stunning bar-, counter-tops as well as beautiful rustic shelves or mantle pieces.
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